Let's connect and start learning, conserving and protecting. Welcome to RomiWorld, we are dedicated to supporting the wildlife of the world.

How it works!

Embrace the Wild: Adopt a Wildlife & Marine Life!

Adopt a Romi today and start enjoying the experience and see the difference it can make in the conservation and protection of the wildlife of our planet.

How it works!

Join RomiWorld and Build Animal-loving Communities!

Users of RomiWorld are able to form Communities with multiple friends and individuals who share their interests in order to discuss and learn about a wide variety of animals.

How it works!

Embrace Romi Connections: Make Friends Across the Globe!

Adopting a Romi puts you closer to people around the world, as well as other RomiWorld Users, you may or may not already know. RomiWorld Users are able to connect with other Users by either;

  • User location
  • Romi location
  • Romi species

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